Pullukulangara Ganeshan the Fortune of Travancore

During his reign as the Pullukulangara devaswam Secretary, Kottinattu Sri. G. Madhavan Pillai, alongwith the committee members, decided to own an elephant for Pullukulangara Sree Dharma Sastha Temple. For the search, they seeked the help of Mr. M. K. Unnithan who is an expert in evaluating elephant traits.

From the Kodanad elephant stable, The Poabson Group of Thiruvalla bought some elephants and sold them to various persons in turn. The baby tusker among them was bought by Sri. Kallissery Velayudhan Nair, who was a resident of Pravinkood Junction, between Thiruvalla and Changanachery. Eventhough he loved baby Ganeshan much, he didn't wish to own him for his lifetime. Other than all his perfections, Ganeshan's sixteen toe nails brought him nightmares for which he decided to handover Ganeshan to someone else. It was at that time the seekers and the expert from Pullukulangara reached the destination. The seventeen year old handsome youth's glazing, long curved and strong tusks, incomparable body length and width, the trunk touching the ground even in the rolled-up manner, the widespread ears which hides the eyes while waving, the proud forehead, the rutting points, the belly, the mole behind the ear, hair on the back, the long hairy tail, his health and colour were more than enough for them to discard the deformity of the sixteen toe nails.

Thus, in 1978, Ganeshan became Pullukulangara Ganeshan, the pet of Sree Dharma Sastha as well as the villagers.

In festival grounds, he defeats seventy or eighty elephants with his dignity and height. He is such a calm, wise, patient and friendly elephant that children of this village are not at all afraid to go near, touch or chat with him! Even in his rutting time of three months, he didn't become violent at least once in his life time! He will be given treatment, care and rest in this period.

In festival seasons, he will be carrying the Thidumb, no matter which locality, which temple or which Deity.

He might be the only elephant in Central Travancore who can be taken free of chains! He was selected as Gaja Samrat in the Gaja Mela conducted at Pattathanam, Kollam, in 2006 and was honored with Gaja Retna Pattam from the Sree Mahadeva Temple, Pandalam, which adds grace to his inborn dignity!

His arrival laid the foundation to a new era in the glory of Pullukulangara temple.

Pullukulangara Ganesa is the soul and fortune of Travancore and pride and joy of each and every villager!