Governing Body

The most wonderful peculiarity about the temple is the structure of its governing body. Only the secretary and committee members are elected while the permanent president is Sree Dharma Sastha himself! This is on the basis of the meeting which was conducted by Ayyappa at Pullukulangara, sitting on a stool and addressing the villagers and Kalari leaders, where the temple now situates. The administration of the temple goes to the whole Nair families residing in the nine Karas (part of the village). The secretary of Pullukulangara Devaswam is Dr. Kottinattu Sasikumar since December 21, 1988.

The Governing body has 13 members, 4 of them are elected to the General Seat, from the Karas related to Pullukulangara Devaswam. The present members are,

The other 9 committee members representing their own Karas are,

A Few Words about Gopi Sir.

Pullukulangara Devaswam could only be read with atmost gratitude to Sree. K. V. Gopinatha Panikkar, Kochu Vadakkathil who's teen, youth and senility, vigour, sober and calibre are dedicated to the uplifting of Pullukulangara Temple. Being the stable light and guide to the committee members, this wishless personality is here, for decades, the humble devotee of Pullukulangara Sree Dharma Sastha.


The present Thanthri of Pullukulangara temple is Brahma Sri. Kesavan Namboothiry of Plakkudy Illam and Brahma Sri. Damodaran Namboothori

The Priests

The Prime Priest of Pullukulangara Sree Dharma Sastha Temple is Brahma Sri. Vishnu Namboothiri