Pullukulangara Sree Dharma Sastha Temple

Realizing the exiting truth that Sree Ayyappa is the Incarnation or Avathar of Sree Dharmasastha, Raja of Kayamkulam constructed a beautiful temple in Pullukulangara, where Ayyappa addressed his countrymen and did the consecration on Utram star, which was the star of Ayyappa as well as the day on which the meeting was held with the countrymen. In the temple, he built the main Sanctom Sanctorum (Sreekovil) with the idol of Ayyappa or Sri Dharma Sastha, facing the East. In the South, facing North, Devi's Sanctom Sanctorum and in the Kanni Moola (South West corner), Lord Ganapathi , who is also called Vighneswara , Lord Mahadeva and Salagrama Vishnu . These idols were obtained from th bank of the temple pond for a Brahmin, which were the remainings of an ancient, ruined, temple, which was once there. These idols alongwith the Salagrama Vishnu, who was his Upasana Moorthy (Deity), were worshipped in the temple for hundreds of years, till the reconsecration, which was on July 5th, 1989.

After this, Lord Mahadeva was given a separate Sanctom Sactorum which is on the North East to the main temple, with another Sancom Sanctorum with Brahma Rakshas, just North to Lord Mahadeva. Naga Raja and Naga Yakshi Amma are placed in the extream North East (all the three facing the west) and Yakshi Amma in the North West, facing the East. Lord Ganapathy and Salagrama Vishnu are still inside, in their previous positions.

Many years passed, it was the time to renovate the temple. While everybody was in search of the timber for the purpose, one of the devotees had a trance that a log anchored in the lake south to the temple. Actually it was not a dream but the reality and in the morning, in overwhelming devotion, joy and energy, all the villagers gathered and pulled the log towards the bank! It was as big a log as the balance log after the renovation of the temple was used to build the two Kalathatts (the square, open, resting place, with tiled roof and wooden flooring, seen in ancient temples), Anakkottil (a large shed in front of temples and palaces, where decorated elephants stand on festivals) and the former dining hall! This dining hall was again renevated and inaugurated on 22nd August 1981.

Other than the Sanctom Sanctorum, Kalathattu, Anakkottil, Dining Hall and the pond, the temple has Namaskara Mandapa (the open before the Sanctom Sanctorum of a temple), Thidappally (the cooking place of a temple), Nalambalam (the buildings immediately surrounding the Sanctum Sanctorum of a temple), Balikkalppura (an altar in or before the temple), a flag staff in copper (it was consecrated on 24 January 1994 (1169 Makaram 11)) and a grove for worshipping Serpents.

As the idols were obtained from the bank (kara) of the pond (kulam) filled with grass (pullu), this place got its name Pullukulangara, the land enriched by the unfading footprints of our Lord, who is anywhere and anytime with us, being our light, love and prosperity!