Pullukulangara Sree Dharma Sastha Temple

Realizing the exiting truth that Sree Ayyappa is the Incarnation or Avathar of Sree Dharmasastha, Raja of Kayamkulam constructed a beautiful temple in Pullukulangara, where Ayyappa addressed his countrymen and did the consecration on Utram star, which was the star of Ayyappa as well as the day on which the meeting was held with the countrymen. In the temple, he built the main Sanctom Sanctorum ( Sreekovil ) with the idol of Ayyappa or Sri Dharma Sastha , facing the East . In the South, facing North, Devi's Sanctom Sanctorum and in the Kanni Moola (South West corner) , Lord Ganapathi , who is also called Vighneswara , Lord Mahadeva and Salagrama Vishnu . These idols were obtained from th bank of the temple pond for a Brahmin, which were the remainings of an ancient, ruined, temple, which was once there. These idols alongwith the Salagrama Vishnu, who was his Upasana Moorthy (Deity), were worshipped in the temple for hundreds of years, till the reconsecration , which was on July 5th , 1989.


Pullukulangara Ganeshan The Fortune of Travancore

He might be the Pullukulangara Ganeshan The Fortune of Travancore only elephant in Central Travancore who can be taken free of chains! He was selected as Gaja Samrat in the Gaja Mela conducted at Pattathanam, Kollam, in 2006 and was honored with Gaja Retna Pattam from the Sree Mahadeva Temple, Pandalam, which adds grace to his inborn dignity!


Visual Memories of Ganeshan

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